Hunting Season Tips and Rules to be Aware of
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Hunting Season Tips and Rules to be Aware of


Prepare for Your Hunting Trip with Hunting Supplies

Obviously you need your weapons, permits, and so forth. But before you go hunting make sure you are well equipped; comfortable footwear is a must. Check the weather forecast but always be prepared for worse. Have a map, compass, as well as an emergency first aid kit.

Gander Mountain has a wide range of hunting and fishing supplies, everything for the great outdoors. One of the most fascinating products is a camera you can set up on your own rural property to take pictures of the wildlife visitors at night.  Even non-hunters will love this (maybe you can find "bigfoot" or other cryptids).

Get to Know the Hunting Rules in Your Area

If you are a hunter you need to make sure to familiarize yourself with the local rules and regulations. Even if you think you know the rules you will want to double check because they can change from year to year and if you are hunting in a new area you should be advised that rules are different for each province or state. Please note the information does not necessarily apply to hunting big game in Africa, and is mostly related to hunting in Canada and the United States.

Of course knowing the hunting season is important, and you will also want to be aware that there are different seasons in some areas for different types of animals as well as different hunting equipment. In many areas the bow and arrow hunting season starts on a different day than the gun hunting season.

Depending on what type of game you are hunting a hunting license is often required. As well be sure to be aware as to what type of game is open for hunting in each area, and if you need any special draws to hunt certain animals.

Of course there are some common sense laws in place in most areas, such as you cannot hunt if your shot is going in the direction of a road, towards buildings, or in the direction of other hunters. You cannot hunt in a national park. It is the obscure laws that people need to check when hunting in a different area, or if hunting for the first time.

Obscure Hunting Laws you should Check

In some areas you cannot hunt on a Sunday.

In some areas there are pushes for boundary, or buffer, zones around national parks that may limit hunting within a certain range.

In some areas you cannot “bait” animals by leaving out carrots, oats, salt blocks, and so forth.

In some areas you may not be legally allowed to hunt within a certain time frame after getting off a plane.

If you are hunting with a dog, or dogs, there may be laws in regards to this. These laws may be in regards to how many dogs you are allowed and in regard to their contact of animals.

In many areas it is illegal to hunt by using spotlights to shine into animal's eyes at night.

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